Proofing Services


Proofreading texts. Proofreading corrects surface errors in writing such as spelling, punctuation, grammar and other language mistakes.

  1. Improves spelling, grammar and typing mistakes.
  2. Checks for consistent language, style and formatting.
  3. Improves already good writing.
  4. Uses track changes so changes are clearly visible.

Proofing Option 1
  • A word document containing 6000 words
Proofing Option 2
  • A word document containing 10,000 words

Academic Feedback

The prices listed are for documents that are less than 2000 words in total. Please contact us below for longer documents. We provide discounted prices for students and pensioners on some services.

This service includes:

  1. Improve spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  2. Improve word use, sentence and paragraph structure and overall expression.
  3. Provide advice on essay structure.
  4. Track changes will be used to ensure that all changes made by us are clearly visible.
Academic Feedback Option 1
  • One Reading of an Academic Assignment
Academic Feedback Option 2
  • Three Readings of an Academic Assignment

Online Typing Service

Mary River Press Services has trained specialist transcriptionists who can turn your spoken word into a professional document.

This service includes:

  1. Professional typing services for all your needs.
  2. Online transcription service.
  3. PDF to Word conversion.
  4. Virtual assistance.
  5. Data entry.
Typing Option 1
  • 1 Hour of Typing
Typing Option 2
  • 3 Hours of Typing