Krakatau Dragon: Legend One: The Hatchling Prince

McLennan has written a delightful first book about the formation of Sumatra.  When the island volcano of Krakatau explodes, Minkatau, Queen of the Krakatau Fire-Dragons is hurled from her fire-cave as far as the icy waters of the great frozen South land, where her Hatchling Prince, MoroToba is ready to be born. Once the PrinceContinue reading “Krakatau Dragon: Legend One: The Hatchling Prince”

For Love of Zachary by Kathleen V. McLennan

McLennan gives a voice to the many children that have lost family and hope as they are shuffled between government departments. The story is one of redemption through friendship. Instead of being shown compassion when traumatised and simply trying to survive their circumstances, these children are often blamed. Set in Australian suburbs, this novella talksContinue reading “For Love of Zachary by Kathleen V. McLennan”