The Whisper Man by Alex North

Tom Kennedy and his son Jake move to the country to escape the grief of losing Rebecca, their beloved wife and mother. They move to Featherbank, a village with a dark history of the serial killer “The Whisper Man”. Supernatural overtones and analogies with grief see this psychological thriller become very chilling. There is something instantly dark and decaying about the house Jake and Tom move into.  Jake’s grief manifests as he sees pretend friends. He talks to them

“And then you seek her,” the little girl said. “Don’t you?” This wasn’t a nightmare, so there was no way to wake up and stop the image from appearing. Yes, he saw Mummy. She was lying at the bottom of the stairs; her head was tilted to one side.’

Police procedurals try and solve the strange things that are going on in their house, but there is more than meets the eye. They appear at the end to have overcome the darkness, although in the last scene Jake is again talking to some invisible friends, so will he ever completely recover?

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