The Unwonted Heroes by Jessica Grimsley

Fraser Coast local Jessica Grimsley has written a full-throttle novel that is the first of a series. People from the Fraser Coast are disappearing around the main character Leonie Reine and before she discovers why, it happens to her! This story has so many twists and turns, and just when the reader figures out the logic, the ground rules change. The laws of time and space do not apply as Leonie and her friends try to survive in a strange world. Characters find themselves in various settings from jungles to a spaceship, from hospital rooms to a mountain cave. Leonie and the others are constantly training in preparation, but who are they to fight, who are they fighting for, and who is Dr Martens? This complex storyline is fresh and surprisingly easy to read. The text has a reading level suitable for high schoolers. The novel ends with Leonie stranded yet optimistic “What better time to have friends with you than when you are stuck?” and leaves you with a craving for the next instalment. A definite joy for teen and teen at heart sci-fi lovers! Grimsley is a talent to watch!

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