The Solar War by A.G. Riddle

This is book two in the Long Winter Series. Our planet has been thrust into another ice age. Migration to the only habitable areas left has resulted in chaos, with people languishing in refugee camps with nowhere to call home. The dystopian view of the world mirrors earth. Technology and unity save humanity. Drones, AI and innovative genius all feature against a backdrop of family life, factions and risk that will keep you in suspense till the end. This is a fun read. Scientists, James and Emma, the main protagonists, now have a family and will do anything to ensure humanities’ survival. The bedlam that erupted in book one emerges again just as people feel that the war may be over, and they can go back to normal. When three asteroids from the Kuiper Belt are found to be bearing down on Earth, it cannot be denied that the lethal Grid has returned. Although trust is tested, the three factions formed on earth must now work together to fight pathogens and predators in a new world.

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