The Orchard Murders by Robert Gott

Robert Gott was born in Maryborough and has written “the William Power series of crime-caper novels set in 1940s Australia: Good Murder, A Thing of Blood, and Amongst the Dead.” He also has a Holiday Murder Series. (Fantastic Fiction https://www.fantasticfiction.com/g/robert-gott/). The Orchard Murders is the fourth book in the Murder Series and has just been released in August 2021. It needs to be read in order of the series or could be pretty confusing. It is set in Melbourne in the 1940s and has DI Titus and Maude Lambert central to the story. The many characters could make the plot perplexing. However, Gott is a master at carefully engaging the reader in the characters’ activities, ideas, and observations. His sophisticated style is contrasted with the excessive violence and malice of the anti-heroes. Obsession is again a major theme as in his other novels, with this novel focussing on religious manipulation. Humour and references to the disruption of wartime are peppered throughout the story. 

The Orchard Murders
Published: 2021

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