The IT Girl by Ann Moffatt.

The author of this novel lives on the Fraser Coast. Her story is one of triumph over injury, domestic violence, and bias within the male-dominated IT industry. In this industry her treatment varied. She received compassion and protection in reaction to domestic violence from the AMP Society. She worked there between 1975 and 1986 “they were a very caring, compassionate company, and I was very lucky to be working for such a generous employer”. This conduct was in stark contrast to the discrimination she was subject to as a woman with children in the industry. Many women have worked in these fields and not received the acknowledgment they deserve. They have done this while juggling parenthood and other personal barriers. Ann opens a window to this era. Her experience is a story that has taken too long to be told. This book is a fascinating and moving read, even if you are not interested in technology. It gives a voice to those who opened a pathway today’s women can walk in male-dominated industries.

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