The Conspiracy against the Human Race by Thomas Ligotti

Ligotti eloquently clarifies the existential dilemma of being human. Although the philosophy he explores is not revolutionary, he discusses the points with clarity and relates them to horror fiction. He reframes philosophy, literature and neuroscience and presents it from the point of view of a horror writer. In the chapter ‘The Cult of Grinning Martyrs’ Ligotti explores the capitalist world “Undeniably, one of the great disadvantages of consciousness- that is, consciousness as the parent of all horrors- is that it exacerbates necessary sufferings and creates unnecessary ones, such as fear of death. Not having what it takes to take their own lives, those who suffer intolerably learn to hide their afflictions, both necessary and unnecessary, because the world does not run on pain time but happy time, whether or not that happiness is honestly felt or a mask for the blackest despondency.” This is a riveting analysis that argues the horror author is honest about the human condition and society is the fiction.

The Conspiracy against the Human Race
Published: 2018

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