Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey

This novel was published in 1964 and the great notion was about committing suicide by drowning. The story chronicles the life of two loggers that work independently in the union-controlled town of Wakonda. Leland Stamper returns home on a revenge mission against his half-brother Hank. His father Henry is dying, and he is protecting his dead mother and the integrity of his childhood. Stampers are stubborn and never give an inch. Conflict between Lee and his older brother Hank bring Hank to the realisation that not backing down can sometimes be weakness. “Because sometimes the only way to keep from losing everything is to give everything up. Because sometimes strength must for the sake of winning give in to.’ The Stamper house doggedly holds on to bank of the river in the face of erosion and flooding and symbolises the Stamper determination. Epic, lyrical and told from a multiplicity of perspectives, this novel is one that provides a different insight with every reading.

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