Sing Backwards and Weep by Mark Lanegan

Interestingly, Nirvana is having a resurgence currently. Mark Lanegan was also perched on that same 90s wave but never lived up to his potential. Unlike more successful 90s icons, he somehow survived. Mark was athletic, an alcoholic and non-compliant from a young age and his mother and father did not nurture him. At 18, he received treatment for his alcoholism and avoided jail, only to become addicted to heroin. Despite his habit, he joined the Screaming Trees, a rock band made-up of misfits from his hometown of Ellensburg, Washington. What permeates the memoir is Mark’s vindictive nature, refusal to conform, and brilliant ability to get in his own way. Most of all, it is evidence that the music industry is predatory, using people and almost encouraging their addictions to keep draining them for money. The scourge of heroin and the trauma it medicates, and his respect for Courtney Love are enduring messages. Mark indeed did “Live Through This”.

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