Middle Game by Seanan McGuire

This is a cross between Brave New World and mythology. The author’s lyrical prose slowly interlaces a malevolent drama with avarice.  Power is apotheosized with children as causalities. The story begins as a slow burn that concludes in an explosion that provides hope and light. The main protagonist, James Reed, is a Frankenstein like creation put together by alchemist and children’s author Asphodel Baker. He learns the art of alchemy and begins cloning children with the power to do magical things, like change lead into gold. Investors clamour to own these children who will bolster their wealth. James has a far more sinister desire. He creates interdependent twins, Roger and Dodger, to be the catalyst that will allow his ascension to all powerful divinity. The twins have other ideas. Will they be able to use their mastery of language and maths to make this unattainable?

Middle Game
Published: 2019

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