Girl A by Abigail Dean

Main character Lex Gracie displays tenacity and intelligence in the face of a dreadful experience perpetrated by her parents. The aftermath of living in a house of violence and dysfunction is the focus of this story.  After Lex’s mother dies, she gets in touch with her siblings to work out what to do with the family home where these events took place. She survived, but how does she thrive? Lex and her siblings all react differently to the events. Ethan is a most interesting character. His manipulative and questionable behaviour compelling. The writing is concise “When I’ve thought of this moment…. the old squid twitches awake, and extends into my limbs, up to the throat and down through the womb. Shame.” The reader knows the MC survives; this book addresses the ripples that devastating abuse causes. It covers the years following, and the continued suffering the sibling’s experience. The thrifty use of language and the simple storyline creates an entertaining novel.

Girl A
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Published: 2021

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