Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver.

Dellarobia Turnbow, is bored with her life as a farm wife. She sets out for a rendezvous with a younger man and is entranced by a hillside covered in orange monarch butterflies or King Billies. Although some consider this strange phenomenon a divine intervention, entomologist Ovid Byron determines it is due to climate change. Kingsolver captures the frustration of a women denied her potential due to pregnancy, isolation and poverty. The story is a belated coming of age of Dellarobia. Her confidence grows as she solves the mystery of the butterflies. Scriptural metaphors are laced throughout hinting at an apocalyptic end. The focus on the real-life issue of climate change does not allow an escape from reality but smacks the reader straight in the face with the current crisis the planet is experiencing.

Flight Behavior
Published: 2012

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