An Experiment with Time by J.W. Dunne

This is a paradigm shifting book written by aircraft designer, engineer and pilot, Lieutenant William Dunne. After a series of dreams that seemed to predict the future, Dunne began to search for a logical reason for this phenomenon. He dreamt that there was a volcanic disaster and 4000 people died. He then misread a few days later that 4000 died, when in fact  the number was 40 000. This and other experiences indicated he could predict events based on his memories, created in the future. He determined that these dreams were actual incidents relocated in time. The first edition of his book was published in 1927. Dunne believed time to be non-linear and used logical experiments to determine if his theories were correct. He termed his theory of the universe Serialism and asserted the existence of a ‘superlative general observer, the fount of all consciousness, intention, and intervention which underlies mere mechanical thinking, who contains within himself a less generalised observer.’ The work is accessible and the reader is inspired to employ his experiment as it explains occurrences most people find confusing.

The book is available for download as it in the public domain.

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    Excellent information. As a result I’ve downloaded & started reading this wonderful whose author is certainly years ahead of his time! (Pardon the pun). Loving it…

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