How to Self-Publish an eBook

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Do you want to know how to begin self-publishing? Find the answers to all the questions you have about independent publishing in one place. With this eBook you will be able to navigate the independent publishing world armed with answers and advice that will ensure your success.

4 reviews for How to Self-Publish an eBook

  1. Michelle

    I have started many books. None yet finished due to time, self-doubt and the daunting task of working out how to publish. This makes it sound so easy. I love that it outlines the benefits of self publication so simply.

    Now, I’m going to finish a book and self publish!

  2. Vicki

    Wow! This e Book is amazing. It gives simple, easy to follow, clear, step by step instructions enabling even the most non e Book person to completely change from being a 100% non e Book user to one who is very comfortable with the process. Furthermore & importantly it has opened this world to friends who’d love to publish for their family (family histories, childhood memories & memories from past decades) and for a wider audience. Word of mouth acceptance has been phenomenal. I had no idea how comfortable some friends of already are with e Books or how many people actually would love to publish. Several have written stories only to put these into ‘the too hard basket’ for up to decades. One told me it was the cost factor that stopped her proceeding. Some friends, including a few septuagenarians and beyond no longer ever use traditional books.
    I’ve dabbled with publishing a family history & a short story in the past and am now keen to explore this via the e Book format.
    Thank you and congratulations to Mary River Press Services for opening up this Brave New World to so many so economically.

  3. Pauline

    This beautifully presented eBook on how to write and publish eBooks takes the fear factor away. Such a clear and simple guide. I’ve got several half finished eBooks that i’m now empowered to complete and finally publish thanks to this handy guide.

  4. Brett Letizia

    How to Self-Publish an Ebook by Mary River Press Services is a short guide to self-publishing. The book discusses the pros and cons of self-publishing by comparison with traditional publishing models. Emphasising the creative freedoms of self-publishing, the book references the electronic platforms from which aspiring authors might launch and promote their work.

    How To Publish An Ebook contains useful warnings to would-be authors on the pitfalls of using so-called “vanity presses”who charge authors to publish their work, but do little to promote the author’s interests.

    The book canvasses such issues as social media, marketing, including brand-building and affiliation, publishing platforms, royalties, and research tools for accessing sales data according to various genres.

    In addition, How to Publish an Ebook provides useful links to various self-publishing platforms and to services for editing, proofing and formatting. Authors keen to turn the work into an income stream will find useful information about the potential of Amazon Kindle for merchandising, events, advertising and coaching tutorials.

    How to Self-Publish an Ebook is a clear and concise primer and an essential guide for those thinking of self-publishing.

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