At Mary River Press Services, we are dedicated to assisting writers with their manuscripts’ professional publication. Via the provision of affordable services and advice, we mentor our clients through the ePublishing process. Guidance through cost-effective editing and publishing steps is provided.

As we are a community-minded company working out of regional Australia, we are well-positioned to assist beginners. We believe everybody has something to share. We know this can inform and enrich our communities. Mary River Press Services aims to support you in creating quality content ready for publication.

Founder – Kathy Shilvock
  • Kathy has worked as a librarian, university advisor, educational liaison, teacher and tutor.
  • She is the founder of Mary River Press Services, which has published non-fiction and fiction books.
  • Kathy is an Advanced Digital Community Champion and has worked with hundreds of clients with low to medium digital skills to achieve their goals.
  • Kathy has two master’s degrees in literature, education, learning disabilities and library studies and has published academic research papers for Government Departments.  
  • Finally, Kathy has used experience and knowledge gained in a variety of educational contexts over 36 years to help hundreds of people develop confidence in their abilities.

Let’s work together.