The Death of Librarians as Leaders

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Once upon a time, librarians were deeply connected to the community. They would choose appropriate resources to meet community needs. These librarians were leaders who would respond to requests and provide diverse resources to expose community members to excellent resources available in various formats and genres. These resources would meet needs, fill gaps and expand horizons. Local authors were also supported. These librarians were highly qualified and experienced and were a trusted source of information and guidance. Sadly, these roles are no longer widely valued.

The desire to cut costs sees non-librarians who do not live in the community choosing resources. These resources are selected under an automated technique called profiling. Profiling results in all the libraries in similar size communities having the same resources. This move toward automated resource selection is why you cannot get older and unique books or books by local authors from your local libraries anymore. If you can currently, this is becoming less and less possible.

Large online platforms like Book Depository are filling this gap. These platforms provide access to indie authors, classics, older books, and much more. Compared to other platforms like Amazon, the beauty of the Book Depository is that there is no charge for postage. Another great thing about the Book Depository is that they refer you to AbeBooks if they do not have a copy of a book. This site is where independent booksellers can upload their inventory data. The condition and price of their second-hand books is detailed. If you love great literature, these bigger platforms are where you will be seeking your reading material more and more.

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