Ways you can increase your Book Sales using Publisher Rocket

Have you ever wondered how authors get their books to bestseller status? Do you want to increase sales? Like most authors, we found that you can waste a lot of money on marketing, with little to no engagement, let alone conversion to sales of your book. As librarians, we understand how keywords and strings help provide access when searching for a book. When cataloguing, this knowledge is vital for customer access to the most relevant resources for keyword searches.

When you place your self-published book on Amazon, you compete with thousands of books, so if people do not even see your book when they search a keyword, they will not buy it, no matter how good it is. Many brilliant writers go unacknowledged because their book is not easily accessed.

Publisher Rocket takes all the guesswork out of keywords and category strings. A category string is a list of words that will place your book in the most relevant position on Amazon. Publisher Rocket provides information on keywords shoppers type into Amazon. It also includes information on the estimated number of times a keyword is typed. Other details include the cost of books that rank for that keyword and how many books compete for that keyword. Publisher Rocket helps you find best-selling categories and how many sales you need to be the number one bestseller. You can also add up to ten category strings, and this makes your book more competitive. All this is explained with Publisher Rocket.

By following this advice and analysing the data, you can elevate your position on the platform and increase your chances of being a bestseller for your category. Publisher Rocket can increase sales.

You can buy it to own outright, and updates are free, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Publisher Rocket is our favourite piece of marketing software. It saves time and makes the dream of your writing paying big within reach.

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