Where do you get older books?

Did you know that you can get many older books from the Book Depository? They provide free delivery worldwide, so you only pay for the book. 

Rosa Praed (1851 -1935) is a novelist who lived for a short time on Curtis Island, off Gladstone, Queensland and based some of her novels on the area. She has many books available on the Book Depository site.

These include: 

The Romance at the Station

Lady Bridget in the Land of the Never Never Land

Fugitive Anne

The Insane Root

The Bond of Wedlock

The Maid of the River

Affinities and 

The Head Station

There is a variety of versions at different prices.

Vance Palmer was born in Bundaberg. His non-fiction book National Portraits has been reproduced and is available through the Book Depository in two versions. One is a hardback version produced as part of the Scholar Select series and has references, library stamps, and other notations visible from the original old copy. Considered culturally significant, it is a compilation of biographical outlines and pioneering work in Australian studies.

Gayndah’s daughter, Jessica Anderson, has two books available through the Book Depository. The 1978 Miles Frank Award-winning novel Tirra Lirra by the River and The Commandant (1975). In the second originally ignored novel that is now considered a classic and a masterpiece, she examines convicts’ treatment in 1830s Moreton Bay from a feminist perspective.

Other books that we have purchased through the Book Depository site include: 

My Brother Jack by George Johnston

True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey

Helen Garner’s fiction and non-fiction books 

Kindred by Kate Legge

Foals Bread by Gillian Mears 

Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe and 

The Whole Woman by Germain Greer

Another great thing about the Book Depository is if they do not have a copy of a book, they refer you to AbeBooks. This site is where independent booksellers can upload their inventory data. The condition and price of their second-hand books is detailed. We could get an almost perfect hardback copy of Val Vallis’s Songs of the East Coast from this database. Valentine Vallis was born in Gladstone. After working at the town council, he became a poet who captured the life of Gladstone, the expanse of the world, and the human experience in his lyrical yet unadorned stanzas. Songs of the East Coast was in a book shop in Europe. For less than 15 dollars, they sent it across the world to my doorstep. 

If you love diverse and culturally significant books, check out the Book Depository

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