Five Free Marketing Plans for Authors

Self-publishing has great benefits. You get to control the process and earn all the royalties, it is quick, with editing, proofing and layout completed for a moderate cost.

Writing the book is the easy bit. With self-publishing, you must do all the marketing yourself. Formulating a marketing strategy is the best way to successfully invest in your product.

Creating a detailed book marketing plan enables you to put all the strategies and work that will be necessary to market your book into order.

Find Five free Marketing Plans for Authors below.

  1. The Queensland Government provides a business plan template that is available to download for free from their website. You are guided by points to ensure information for your plan is complete. If you are serious about writing, you will aim to build a business from your art. This template is a fantastic start to your career as a writer.
  1. The Creative Penn has comprehensive resources to assist with marketing. A book marketing strategy details long term and spike marketing strategies.

The site also has a step by step marketing process, starting with the basics and moving through to launching and relaunching of your book. There are plenty of resources, a podcast and links to assist.

  1. Ingram Spark The Ultimate Book Marketing Timeline for Indie Authors has the marketing steps set out in chronological order. This is an excellent tool to stop you feeling overwhelmed and help pace the process. It comprises seven phases:
  1. Before You Begin Writing
  2. As You Begin Writing
  3. While You’re Writing
  4. While Your Book is Being Edited
  5. Two Weeks Before Release
  6. Release Date
  7. Post Release

If you already have a manuscript, you can begin at the phase that suits you best.  There are free online courses available including How to Build an Author Platform, Online Social Media Course for Authors and Need Help with your Book Metadata.

  1. Reedsy The Ultimate Book Marketing Plan is a free course that you sign up for with your email address. You get ten lessons delivered by email. The first starts with a marketing timeline and has some great tips and tricks for optimising your market share.

is available if you subscribe to the newsletter.

  1. Build Book Buzz has step by step instructions and, although a little outdated, it contains helpful hyperlinks and a simple template.

If you do not know how to market your book on a tight budget, Writers Relief  provides a great list of marketing ideas that could be plugged into your plan. The free or very cheap recommendations are creative, flexible and innovative.

Happy Writing!

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