What should you Pay for Editing and Proofreading?

Many self-publishing authors do not have a lot of money to spend on getting their book to publication standard.  Most require a little assistance to get the manuscript completed. Do you know what a reasonable fee is for editing or proofreading your text? Do you know what roles there are that participate in this process?  Mary River Press Services aims to answer these questions.

 There are seven main roles that can be involved in content creation.

  1. The writer.

This role can produce any content including ghost writing, rewriting existing raw manuscripts and creating new material for articles and reports.

  1. The editor.  

Editors can manage the project and develop the book from the beginning through to the final product. These editors are often called production editors and are rarely used by self-publishers.  Editors can also change the structure and rewrite the manuscript. These types of editors are often called content or line editors. The final and probably most important type of editor for a self-publisher is the copyeditor. This role checks spelling, grammar and punctuation. They also check for accuracy and consistency.

  1. The proof-reader.

A proof-reader looks for surface errors such as typographical and typesetting issues. At Mary River Press Services proofing also includes spelling, punctuation, grammar and other language mistakes. We also provide the option of academic assignment feedback and fiction appraisal.

  1. The researcher and picture researcher.

Researchers verify the information you have in your manuscript and picture researchers arrange the images and gain permissions for their use.

  1. The desktop publisher/designer.

These roles ensure texts are formatted, illustrations are arranged aesthetically, and pages are presented accurately. When you provide the text, Mary River Press Services can layout the content ready for publication.

  1. The indexer.

The indexer lists all references and concepts towards the end of the project.

  1. The translator.

This role rewrites content into a different language from existing material.

Once you have decided to employ one of these roles to assist with your project you need to be sure that the rate you pay is reasonable. If you pay too little, you probably will not get a quality outcome. You also do not want to pay too much and be left out of pocket by using an unscrupulous company or individual.

When you are seeking a quote, you need to be clear on what the contract covers. Additional days of work caused by changing your mind will be chargeable.

The below rates can vary and are an indication of what is a standard charge based on freelance association recommended rates for these services.

Editing and Proofreading Rates for Australian Writers per hour
Specialist editing, such as classical languages or complex mathematics $90
Project management $65
Substantial editing and rewriting $55
Design $50
Copy-editing $50
Rights and contracts $50
Publicity $50
Full indexing $50
Picture research $50
Proofreading $50 ($5 per page)
Manuscript reading and reporting $40
Index adapting and simple indexing $40

A page is always a definite 250 words. It is often best to get a quote as work can take longer than you think. Time frames, speciality required and changes all may increase the cost of the task.

Good luck with your writing. If you want to compete for a chance of a free appraisal, be sure to enter the Mary River Press Services short story prize.

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