Benefits of Self-Publishing

Are you a control freak? Do you want your book out quickly?  If so, then self-publishing is for you!

The biggest benefit of self-publishing a book is that you maintain control over the product. If you have esoteric interests or wish to maintain the integrity of your work, the self-publishing process ensures you maintain the quality of the end-product.

1. Self-publishing has creative freedom and flexibility.

With traditional publishing you do not have very much creative freedom or flexibility. Once you sell the rights to your book, it can be changed. Traditional publishers are looking for books that fit a certain cast. The publishers will either reject the book or ask for changes, if it does not suit their preferences. 

2. Speed to market is quick.

The process of publishing a book is slow with traditional publishers. It may take two to three years or more to get your book to market. This is because lots of people are putting their opinion into changes they think your book needs. A self-publisher has total creative freedom and flexibility.  Once you are happy with your book, you can upload it and within 24 to 48 hours it is available for purchase.

3. Production requirements are minimal.

Traditional publishers do not charge to publish your book and there is no upfront charge. You get an advance and you do not get any extra money until that book has earnt that amount of money back. As the publisher takes the risk when publishing your book, they end up receiving most of the sale profits. 

If a publisher asks you for money upfront, they are scamming you. These types of businesses are called vanity press or subsidy publishing businesses. They take your manuscript and charge between $5000 and $20000 to publish it. They take zero risk, outlay no funds and do not take responsibility for errors. Be aware of and avoid these businesses who prey on the vulnerable.

With self-publishing you are the publisher, so you must carry out the proofing, editing, graphic design and marketing. If you outsource those tasks to a company but upload the product yourself, it is called assisted publishing. Mary River Press Services fall into the assisted publishing category. You pay upfront for those outsourced tasks.

4. You can determine the quality of your self-published book.

Both traditional and self-publishers can produce very high-quality books. If you learn how to format the book and create a good book cover, you can achieve as high a quality product as a traditional publisher. You can also outsource tasks, and for a moderate fee you can still produce a high-quality product. You need to shop around to find a company that supplies good quality services at an  idea cost for you.

5. You choose how to distribute and market your book.

Traditional publishers may not provide a lot of marketing dollars for your book. They often expect you to do most of the marketing. Self-publishers must do all the marketing. If you are not going to get lots of support both publishing methods are similar. You can distribute your self-published book in a similar way to traditional publishers. These opportunities vary depending on which platform you self-publish on.

6. There are few legal pitfalls.

Traditional publishers can have do not compete clauses. These can stop you self-publishing as this would compete with their modified version of your book . Another part of a traditional publishing contract is the grant of rights clauses. These can take a lot from you without remunerating you for it, and you lose control of your book. The other clause that is important in these contracts is reversion of rights. These cover the steps of getting the rights of your book back. If you sign a bad contract, you might have to wait up to 35 years to get the copyright of your book back. The self-publishing method has few legal implications if you are an honest author. If you do not follow a retailer’s terms of service, and try and run a scam on a platform such as Amazon, they will not let you sell on there anymore. If you abide by the terms of services of the retailer you will not have any legal problems. 

Good luck with your book and reach out to us at if you need any support.

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