Becoming a Creator

Identity, voice and representation are the cornerstones of knowledge and power. A community is robbed of its richness if there is a lack of diverse voices telling their story. This is clear when looking at history. Much of Maryborough was borne from Chinese labour and yet not one picture of the bedazzling Chinese shops that lined the main street can be found. Their story was deemed not important enough to be told. If you know that your story or the way you tell it is different, you often lack confidence to share it. If your ideas are considered problematic, difficult, upsetting or provocative you may be silenced. But those who hold views that generate controversy, help us in the evolution and assessment of our own position and thinking. Stories that are different to ours help enlarge our world and fill it with multiplicity. How do we include everyone? How can everyone’s stories be told? Firstly, we should not feel we can only publish writing or creative works that are perfect and polished. We should have digital spaces where we can experiment and play with words and other creative formats. So, what if the spelling and punctuation is not faultless – is the idea exhilarating? We should be able to put up our best efforts without fear of being judged as unworthy. Also, we should all be able to afford to publish our works. Everyone should have access to feedback about their writing and support to take it to the next step, without having to pay enormous sums demanded by the publishing houses. Give me the writing that is repulsive, enraptured, ravenous, ravished and broken, authentic, current and timeless – for this is where the stories of humanity can be found.

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