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Want a quick guide to eBook publishing in Australia? – 25 answers to get you started.

Many people say there’s lots of information about self-publishing out there; what is different about this eBook? This eBook is specific for Australian self-publishers! Most current information targets the Northern Hemisphere market, but this doesn’t work for Australian writers wanting to self-publish. This is written by an Australian with a regional Australian perspective!

Career Development and Counselling is also available @ kathyshilvockcareers

What our clients say

Today I have received my hard-print copies of my book For Love of Zachary, and I could not be more delighted.

The print covers are true to the eBook cover, and the font selection and spacing makes the book easy to read. Some copies have already gone to family and friends, and they have all been impressed with the good quality of my finished product. I have had other books printed in the past, and on occasions, I have had to ask for a reprint because of some discrepancy or oversight. I have not had any concerns at all with the accuracy of my order.

In addition to their patience with particular proofreading, Mary River Press Services have had to accommodate my visual condition following surgery, and their task would have been made more difficult than usual. I give them full credit for going to extraordinary lengths to help me with these problems during the correction process. I would not hesitate to recommend them and am already working on a new draft to engage their services again in the near future. I remain,

–Kathleen V. McLennan, Author.

Kathleen V. McLennan

The assistance I received editing and formatting existing information on my CV to post on a teaching job website gave me clarity and direction and resulted in a successful call-up for contract teaching in schools. Mary River Press Services offered clean, clear directives, which was very helpful when struggling with a lot of information on your own. I would definitely consider Mary River Press Services for academic or personal writing projects after this experience.

― Susie Hansen, Master of Fine Art, Melbourne University, Honours RMIT

I don’t think I would have got through without the support. I’ve been working with this help for three years now. I was taught at the start to do a plan so I could see what goals I wanted to achieve in the assignment.

― Chantel Van Wamelen, Winner of Indigenous Service Award

The excellent writing advice enabled us to secure a $100 000 grant for the club. The first of 1600 applicants in Australia.

― Junior Secretary of the local
Australian Football League

It just goes to show what a professional resume can do. Never have I been so successful in acquiring interest & job interviews in the space of a week. Now I have landed a job. Mary River Press Services has an excellent strike rate, and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone that needs help bringing their resume back to life.

― Dana Widmer, Support Worker

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Mary River Press Services is a grassroots, independent, community minded company.

Reach out so we can work together on a fiction or non-fiction manuscript you wish to publish. We also provide a typing service and assignment help.

The Butchulla People are the Traditional Custodians/Owners of the Land, and their continued connection to the land on which we walk, work and live is acknowledged. Mary River Press Services acknowledges and pays respects to the Elders past, present and emerging.